Bachelor of Science Program in Digital Innovation (BS in Digital Innovation)

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Bachelor of Science (Digital Innovation)

Digital Business 4.0 – Be Your Own Boss

The B.S. in Digital Innovation is a 4-year program which is multi-disciplinary, i.e., students learn about Internet Technologies, Internet Laws, International Marketing and International Business.

Students are taught and guided step-by-step to do business successfully in the Digital era: 1) discovery or selection of products/services by using Big Data 2) development of selected products/services; 3) diffusion of the products/services through social networks; and 4) impact towards business and economy. The 4-step teaching is an innovation process in achieving successful business in the digital environment.


4-Year-Study Plan at ICDI:

Year 1

First Semester 22 Credits      

          001101        Fundamental English 1                                   3(3-0-6)

          204101        Introduction to Computer                              3(2-2-5)

          206113        Calculus for Software                                    3(3-0-6)

          888111         Innovative Entrepreneurship                          3(3-0-6)

                             Theory and Practice

                             Humanities and Social Science                      3

                             Humanities and Social Science                      3

                             Science and Mathematics                             1

                             Learning through Activities                           1


Second Semester 19 Credits  

          001102        Fundamental English 2                                 3(3-0-6)

          204101        Computer Programming Languages                3(2-2-5)

          206281        Discrete Mathematics                                  3(3-0-6)

          208150        Probability and Statistics                              3(3-0-6)

          888121        Digital Economy                                          3(3-0-6)

          888151        Digital Innovation and Trends                        3(3-0-6)

          888191        Learning through Activities 1                        1(0-3-1)


Year 2

First Semester 19 Credits

          001201        Critical Reading and Effective Writing              3(3-0-6)

          204251        Data Structures                                           3(3-0-6)

          206255        Mathematics for Software Technology              3(3-0-6)

          208250        Statistical Methods for Data Science               3(3-0-6)

          888251        Digital Platform                                           3(3-0-6)

          888192        Learning through Activities 2                         1(0-3-1)

                             Humanities and Social Science                      3


Second Semester 21 Credits

          001225        English in Science and Technology                 3(3-0-6)

          888211        Fundraising in Digital Economy                       3(3-0-6)

          888231        Ecosystem of e-Commerce                            3(3-0-6)

                             in Innovative Economy  

          888232        Intellectual Property Management                  3(3-0-6)

                             And Negotiation in Digital Economy

                             Science and Mathematics                              3

                             Major Electives                                            3




Get yourself ready in Year 3rd and Year 4th

Year 3

First Semester 15 Credits

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Free Elective                                               3


Second Semester 15 Credits

          888399        Technology Startup Project Survey               3(0-9-0)

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Free Elective                                               3

Year 4

First Semester 12 Credits

          888498        Technology Startup Pre-Project                    3(0-9-0)

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3


Second Semester 9 Credits

          888499        Technology Startup Project                          3(0-9-0)

                             Major Elective                                             3

                             Major Elective                                             3


The Major Electives are there for you to start your own business:

          204321 Database System 1

          204423 Data Mining

          204453 Pattern Recognition

          208251 Regression Analysis and Non-Parametic Statistics

          208350 Applied Multivariate Statistics for Data Science

          208450 Analytics for Observational Data

          208451 Analytics for Experimental and Simulated Data

          888341 Startup in Internet and Mobile Technology

          888342 Introduction to Management Information System

          888361 Startup in Energy and Logistics Management

          888411 Operation Research for Digital Innovation

          888450 Startup in Digital Technology

          888451 Startup in Smart Electronic Technology

          888452 Startup in Agriculture and Biotechnology Industry

          888453 Startup in Food for Future Industry

          888454 Startup in Biofuel and Biochemical Technology

          888455 Block chain Security Design for Financial Technology

          888461 Startup in Manufacturing

          888463 Startup in Agro and Food Business


Be ahead in career before graduation!!!!

Tuition Fee: 55,000 THB/semester

2+2 Double Degree Program:

ICDI has collaborated with carefully selected four major and reputable universities in three different countries to take bachelor degree students to the next level of international recognition. The 2+2 Double Degree Program enables students to establish a network which will effectively enhance their future careers both locally and internationally.

The students will spend the first 2 years studying at ICDI and the remaining 2 years at their chosen university. They will be awarded 2 degrees after graduation. 

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1. Australia - at Curtin University in Perth

Curtin University offers Bachelor of Science (Data Science) after a completion of the 2+2 Double Degree Program started at ICDI. Curtin University is a world-renowned university for excellence in data science and offers CRL Merit Scholarship of 10% of the tuition fee, if the student completes the first 2 year at ICDI with a minimum Course Weight Average (CWA) ≥75%. 

Curtin University has strong links with industry and an Industry Advisory Group provides advice and guidance about the content of the course. It comprises representatives from the resources sector, management consulting, data analytics services and spatial data product developers, and includes enterprises such as Optika Solutions and PwC.

The course builds students’ capacity to extract, analyse and visualize large volumes of data and communicate analytical outcomes to a range of audiences. An ability to leverage big data to predict future trends is becoming an essential part of decision-making in business and government. The students will have highly transferable skills that enable career flexibility and international employment opportunities.




Course in Curtin

Year 1
Semester 1

Introduction to Data Science

Computer Simulation

Mobile, Locative and Ubiquitous Media

Science Communications

Regression and non-Parametric Inference

Year 1
Semester 2

Database Systems

Interactive, Virtual and Immersive Environments

Analytics for Experimental and Simulated Data

Elective unit

Year 2
Semester 1

Artificial and Machine Intelligence

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Mobile Cloud Computing

Elective unit

Year 2
Semester 2

Data Mining

Analytics for Observational Data

Elective unit

Optional unit

Select One Optional Unit from the below list:

MATH3004              Industrial Project

COMP3005             Computer Project 2

MEDA3001             Major Digital Humanities Project

ISYS3002               Information Systems and Technology

                                                Project 2


Official Website:


2. People’s Republic of China – University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in Chengdu

UESTC is renowned as “China’s cradle for the national electronic industry”. In 1997, UESTC was one of the universities to be developed into being the first-class university, and in 2001 it got special support for developing a world-class and world-famous research-oriented university. 







Course in UESTC

Year 1

Semester 1

Comprehensive Chinese I

Foundation of Software Engineering

Institutional Change and Economic Reform in China

Operations Research

Year 1

 Semester 2

Comprehensive Chinese II

Foundation of Finance

Linux Programming

Multimedia Application Basic

Business Statistics and Survey Methods

Year 2

Semester 1

Comprehensive Chinese III

Fin Tech

Management Theory

Innovation Management

Network Programming and Computing

Big Data Computing Technology

Year 2

Semester 2

Comprehensive Chinese IV

Thesis Writing


Official Website:


3. People’s Republic of China – at East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in Shanghai

ECUST is listed by Reuter as the 45th most innovative university in Asia. ECUST has natured internationalization, in that it has partnered with prestigious institutes and universities, including with Chiang Mai University, especially with the International College of Digital Innovation (ICDI). The 2+2 Double Degree Program is a collaboration with a mutual and strong commitment to provide students with the best knowledge, as well as a chance to establish connections among themselves for the benefits of their future careers in the digital era.






Course in ECUST

Year 1

Semester 1

Chinese History and Cultural

Introduction to Majors

Medium Financial Accountancy

Marketing Management

Strategic Management

Organizational Behaviors

History of Management

Simulation of Competitive Strategy

Business Administration Simulation

Business Ethics

Some Courses from Major Elective

Year 1

 Semester 2

Management Communication

Human Resource Management

Global Strategy Management

Managing International Business

Business Research Method

Comprehensive Experiment

Some Courses from Major Elective

Year 2

Semester 1

Academic Writing

USRP University Students Research Program

Comprehensive Experiment

Some Courses from Major Elective

Year 2

Semester 2



Official Website:


4. The United Kingdom – at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland

University of Strathclyde has been very well for business management, among others. With 2+2 Double Degree Program, the students will be well-equipped with data science and business management - a significant combination of knowledge necessary to be successful in doing business in the Digital era.

Strathclyde University won eight awards from Times Higher Education including University of the Year 2012 and Business School of the Year 2016. It has a world-wide reputation for teaching and research excellence. The Business School of University of Strathclyde has established an academic collaboration with ICDI, with a view to extending chances to students to successfully carry out their business after graduation, especially in the 21st-century digital environment.







Year 1

Semester 1

Entrepreneurial Capital (lectures, tutorials and labs)

Year 1

 Semester 2

Venture Management Strategy and Growth (lectures, tutorials and workshops)

Year 2

Semester 1

Venture Management in Practice (lectures and company placement hours)

Issues and Trends in Entrepreneurship (lectures and workshops)

International Entrepreneurship (lectures)

Year 2

Semester 2

Family Business (lectures)


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